I help black & brown Muslim mums to break generational cycles.

I’m a certified Montessori-trained Muslim Parenting coach and hold an undergraduate degree in history where I specialis1ed in African and South Asian colonial history. I have combined my expertise to support black and brown Muslim mums to parent consciously, heal and break cycles.


I’ve had the pleasure of working with amazing people and companies, here are some of the companies and shows my work has featured in.

Nurturing Learners Islam Channel The today Show parenting and home education
Ramadan FM Nurturing Learners
The green Parent nurturing learners
ilm2amal ilm to amal ilam 2 amal nurturing learners
TMV The Muslim Vibe Nurturing Learners
Islam channel parenting

Assalamu’Alikum, I’m Maryam.

Parenting Coach & Home Edu Consultant

Motherhood, & homeschooling has added immense value to my life, & I love having the chance to share my ramblings, experiences, and journey with others in the pure hope it may be of benefit.

Natter & Nurture Book Club

My walls at home are lined with bookshelves and friends and family joke that I live in a Library. That’s why I started to facilitate our Natter & Nurture book club

Raising Yourself Program

Are you a South Asian/African/Caribbean/Arab mother practising conscious parenting & healing from growing up in a black & brown household? Do you strive to break generational cycles and patterns of oppression?

Are you committed to normalising love, trust, Rahma and God consciousness in your home?

Our Parenting Village

Introducing the only conscious parenting village for brown and black Muslim mums. Break the chain of oppression, rediscover joy and love to create generational change in your families.

Want to get support, coaching, and resources, & be part of an exclusive book club & community?

Hire Me For A Speaking Event

Whether you are organising an online event or an international parenting conference, contact me to see how I can add value to your audience.

If you are interested in booking me to speak on my specialist subject areas then go to our speaking events page and complete the events form.

Drop me a line!

I’m accepting new clients through the rest of the year. Please drop me a line and we’ll get started with your next project!

Want to be a whole mother?

We’re here to help you navigate the increasingly complicated process of being a conscious and loving mother.

  1. Prioritise your Aafiyah (well-being)
    This matters and has a ripple effect. Mothers with higher-level of well-being will be more productive!
  2. Release yourself from the need to be perfect
    Every mistake is a teacher, so let’s learn from these mistakes as shame doesn’t serve your parenting.
  3. Renew your intentions daily.
    The privilege to parent is a gift from Allah. The result isn’t in your hands but the methods & tools you use for their tarbiyah is. 
  4. Give yourself permission to question your upbringing
    culture and the status quo in our communities. Your ancestors did the best they could and now it’s your turn.
  5. Welcome your triggers, especially with your children
    they hold answers to your relationship with yourself, your child, and your ability to enjoy motherhood. 

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