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Today I am sharing Home education tools that have kept me grounded, sane and a reminder that my children are always learning. These are tools I also recommend to parents I work with during our private mentoring sessions.

In the midst of home education with the children, chaos and everyday routines – it can be super easy to forget that our children are learning all the time and from unimaginable sources!  As home educators, sometimes we can find ourselves wondering at the end of each day if the children have learnt anything? The answer to that is they absolutely have, but maybe not in the manner you had thought possible.

I have always kept a Home education Journal and a Scrapbook for myself, I prefer to write in journals and notebooks – but this could also be in the form of an online private blog or word documents, whichever works for you. I’ve been reading ‘The Brave Learner’ by Julie Bogart (amazing book by the way) you can purchase it here, she speaks about sketching a narrative. This is writing down all the events and conversations happening in the home even when ‘formal work’ is not happening. Jotting down notes about what went right and all the ‘bad days’. I’ve found it’s really helped me recognise my children’s strengths and given a full view of our homeschool.

I’ve compiled two lists below you might want to consider including in your Home education journals and scrapbooks.

The decision to Home educate takes time, and your thoughts and ideas may evolve in unexpected directions. Keeping a Home education journal to record your thoughts and questions can be useful!

Home education Journal

  • List of books, materials you’ve used
  • Pictures of your children engrossed in learning
  • Observations – what holds your children’s attention? Notice their strengths and habits, what did they struggle with?
  • Conversations – conversations you’ve had with your curious children about any subject or topic.
  • Practical life – household tasks, care of self and the environment.
  • Activities & formal work – How much set work did they manage to complete?
  • Outings & trips – Home education groups, clubs, museums, trips to the farm or the zoo etc.
  • Spontaneous learning – When curiosity & inspiration strikes!
  • Questions your children have asked – their interests!


  • Record for your own developing thoughts and ideas about education and learning
  • Your thoughts from any articles, books, blogs you have read
  • Lists of events, places you wish to explore.
  • Important quotes about learning and parenting
  • Notes about what you are learning alongside your children

Your journals, notebooks, scrapbooks can be as simple or fancy as you like! Bullet points, sentences, or doodles use them in the way that works for you and serves you best 🙂

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  1. I’ve been meaning to read The Brave Writer and this idea makes me want to get my hands on it more! I’ve considered a yearbook to highlight our homeschool years, but this is much more creative and personal with all the added details. Thanks for sharing!

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