Interactive Hajj Wall

Salaam and Hello lovelies,

I wanted to share some Hajj resources we’ll be re-using from last year and thought I’d write up a super quick post.

I love love resources that are hands on, interactive and spark discussions.

I created our Interactive Hajj wall using various resources which I’ve listed below (starting from top to bottom)

1) Dhul Hijjah countdown calendar from @mylivelovegift. A craft calendar which consists of 10 envelopes and lots of lovely craft bits to decorate the envelopes with. – My children absolutely loved crafting and making the countdown together. It built up excitement and understanding for the first 10 days of Dhul Hijjah. In each envelope I placed small facts about Hajj which led to many beautiful discussions. We purchased two last year, so will be using it again this year inshaa Allah!

2) Sunnah cards from @parenthoodmuslimstyle – Again, an amazing resource to help young children understand and appreciate the importance of good deeds in the first 10 days of Dhul Hijjah. Deeds thay are simple enough to explain to children, and that can spark a discussion or ask activity or two. The printables also include a sheet full of activities and discussion ideas. You can download them here.

3) Hajj word wall – Children learn and absorb lots through meaningful and intimate conversations. I have found this to be true for mine. These Hajj key words were fantastic in discussing the different stages of Hajj, and the significance and meaning behind them all. You can download them here.

  • My mum left for Hajj last weekend and my little ones have constantly been asking to go to the Ka’bah! (May Allah fulfil their wish and grant us all the opportunity. Ameen) We’ve read lots of books last year and have already started doing the same this year, the childrens favourites (this year) are pictured below

  • If Allah Wills – Wonderful story of innocence and imagination. Every page has been designed with a child in mind and provides fun scenes to inspire both children and adults. Beautiful watercolour illustrations add vibrancy to the story for you to enjoy, and themes like love,kindness and prayer are interwoven throughout. – What I particularly love about this book is how relatable it is for young children, especially the illustrations and engaging text. It can be purchased here. *Amazon
  • Yanis Hajj – This story makes me super emotional, beautiful illustrations and depicting the love of Allah. Yani is a generous, gentle, patient man who longs to go for Hajj more than anything else. He decides to work really hard and earn money to fill up his bag so that he can go. Follow his journey and see if Yanis deam will come true. It can be purchased here.

In addition to these resources we will be using Hajj story stones purchased from @once_upon_a_stone_

Another hands on, interactive resource which can be used in numerous ways. Discussing discussing different stages of Hajj, writing stories, telling stories, loose party play and unstructured play!

We will also be using fabulous Hajj printables from Hafsa @mamateachesme. Our favourite being the Hajj game. You can check out her resources here.

  • Hajj bulletin board printables are below and can be downloaded here. We will be using these as discussion points, looking at the different stages of Hajj and placing them in order. Lots of movement and hands on way of learning. Of course you can use them however you wish 🙂

  • ABC’s of Hajj and a few other resources can be found here. These are perfect for my toddler!

  • Lastly, one of my favourites! ‘Stamp a masjid scene’ the children have loved creating there own masjids. We’ve been looking at pictures of different mosques in Makkah and Madinah and recreating them using these stamps. A super unique, fun and great quality product. Can be purchased here.

Hajj is all we’ve been taking about in our home. Inshaa Allah the above has been useful. If you haven’t ‘prepared’ any activities please don’t feel pressured too. Children absorb so much through conversation, stories, loose part and unstructured play ♥️

May Allah allow us to reap the rewards of the blessed days of Dhul Hijjah. May He accept the Hajj and Ibadah of all those who have been called. May He call us all and grant us the beautiful opportunity of completing Hajj. Ameen.



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