Moving home with mini humans!

“I want to go hoooome” followed by high pitched crying from Baby S because she has no idea where she is! Alhamdulilah one month in and we made it to the other side alive.

They say moving house falls into the top three most stressful things in a persons lifetime. Packing, and moving home with two young children I had completely underestimated the physical, and emotional strain it would take on us all as a family.

Below I have compiled a few tips that really helped us during the moving process in the hope it will benefit any of you who take on this challenge 🙂

    • Help. Take it! Ask for help from friends, family or neighbors you are not superwoman and cannot do it all! Take any help offered. I hadn’t realized how much “stuff” we had accumulated in our small apartment, most of which was the children’s toys, books, and homeschooling resources. Looking back, I was guilty of dismissing offers of help until I had somewhat of a breakdown. Let someone take the children out whilst you pack, allow that friend or family member to entertain the kids whilst you pack. It’s better for your health, sanity and your kids too!
    • De-clutter. Where you have kids you have toys, clothes and stuff lots of it! Moving home is the perfect time to de-clutter, simplify things and get rid of clothes they’ve outgrown, toys no longer played with and more. Top tip. Try and de-clutter once the kids are either asleep or not in the way to avoid any meltdowns! Have separate boxes for items to donate, sell and rubbish to throw away.
    • Keep the kids in the loop! Talk openly about what is happening, and what will happen next.Break the news about the move in enough time, we were able to tell N almost a month in advance. Your child needs time to process and prepare for the move, so start talking about it early. Read books from the library about families that move, in order to prepare them for what is to come. Re assure them about the change, and stress the importance of being able to keep in contact with family and friends!
    • Packing. Prioritise packing, pack each room independently. Have a box packed with some essentials, and ideally a suitcase for the first week! Once boxes are packed if you are able to place them in a separate room,away from little hands. We packed the kids things last so they still had things to play with. Whilst packing everything away, the children created a special box where they filled it with a few things they loved which they used during the actual move and settling in time.
    • Research. Before considering the move myself and my husband spent a lot of time researching the surrounding areas and fell in love with the amount of Nature within and around it. Explore the new area as soon as possible and make note of all the things there are for kids to do ie. Nature reserves, soft plays, parks, and children centers to mention a few.
    • Boxes. Save boxes for kids to play with, my two made a complete obstacle course out of them in the living room. I took N to pound land and she picked a pack of felt tip pens and stickers to decorate the boxes with. Baby S enjoyed doing this too!
    • Moving in day. Make the children’s room one of the first things you do in the house. We made sure we arranged the room in a similar manner and took out their favourite things they enjoy playing with. This really helped with making the process smoother especially for baby S
    • Expect regression. Moving home is a stressful time for everyone involved particularly young children as they are sensitive to any change. Most children thrive on routine and once this is disrupted it can cause chaos! We faced a lot of sleep regression with Baby S but just remember inshaa Allah it will pass!
Last but most important tip for the parents don’t forget what box you packed the kettle in! Believe me you’ll be needing it ?

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