Parenting Coaching

Do you want to build wholesome relationships with your children?

Are you frustrated exhausted and find yourself shouting and snapping at your children? You don’t understand their negative behaviour and can’t figure out why they act this way?

You’re wondering how to handle your children’s emotional meltdowns and get them to cooperate without you shouting, bribing or threatening them?

Are you frustrated with yourself, you’re always angry and can’t seem to enjoy being with the kids? You’re wondering how to handle your own behaviour?

Are you wondering how will you ever raise righteous children? Are you wondering where you’ve gone wrong?

Do you feel guilt and shame because your constantly frustrated with the children? Do you feel like your children ‘trigger’ you?

Do you need to heal from elements of your own childhood? Are you repeating the same parenting patterns you promised yourself you wouldn’t do the same to your kids?

If you’ve nodded along to the above points, or some of them – I understand. I’ve been that mother of a newborn and a toddler burnout, frustrated, ridden with guilt and shame but i’m here to tell you there is a better way. Your children will cooperate with you, in fact they want too!

You are the best resource your children have and I can help you be the parent you want to be – because you have it within you! God has blessed with this sacred relationship and special gift of having a child. Your parenting is powerful, it will impact generations to come. You can have a wholesome relationship with your child and I can guide, nurture, support and show you how. I can help you transform the relationship you have with your children and with yourself as a parent, with the help of Allah and my expertise. You and your children are worth the investment!

I won’t tell you how to parent your children, because you know your children best but I will hold your hand and give you the tools you need and work with you, to heal not only for yourself but for your children.

This is a significant investment that will not only benefit you as a person, your children but generations to come. If you can’t heal for yourself, please do it for your children.

View the packages available to you. If you feel you need long term, hand held support, guidance and accountability then the coaching packages below are perfect for you

Do have a read of the testimonials of some of my clients that have worked with me! 

60 Minute coaching call

What you get for
  • A 60 min call
  • Follow up email check in
  • Feedback
  • Discuss 2-3 areas that you feel you are struggling with