Do You Want To Build Wholesome Relationships?

Are you frustrated & exhausted?
Find yourself shouting & snapping at your children?

You don’t understand their negative behaviour and can’t figure out why they act this way?

You’re wondering how to handle your children’s emotional meltdowns?

and get them to cooperate without you shouting, bribing or threatening them?

Are you frustrated with yourself, you’re always angry and can’t seem to enjoy being with the kids? You’re wondering how to handle your own behaviour?

Are you wondering how will you ever raise righteous children? Are you wondering where you’ve gone wrong?

Do you feel guilt and shame because you’re constantly frustrated with the children? Do you feel like your children ‘trigger’ you?

“This was exactly what I needed.”

Umm Asim

“This has helped me and my family so much!”

Umm Adam

“I really appreciate Maryam’s approach.”

Umm Khadijah

Are you repeating the parenting patterns you’ve experienced as a child?

If you’ve nodded along to the above points, or some of them – I understand. I’ve been that mother of a newborn and a toddler burnout, frustrated, ridden with guilt and shame but I’m here to tell you there is a better way. Your children will cooperate with you, in fact, they want to!

You are the best resource your children have and I can help you be the parent you want to be – because you have it within you! God has blessed with this sacred relationship and special gift of having a child. Your parenting is powerful, it will impact generations to come. You can have a wholesome relationship with your child and I can guide, nurture, support and show you how.

I can help you transform the relationship you have with your children and with yourself as a parent, with the help of Allah and my expertise. You and your children are worth the investment!

I won’t tell you how to parent your children…

because you know your children best…I will hold your hand and give you the tools you need and work with you, to heal not only for yourself but for your children.

This investment will not only benefit you as a person, your children but generations to come. If you can’t heal for yourself, please do it for your children.

Call To Action

Our Group & 1-to-1 coaching sessions are perfect for you.

It’s time to break the chains of oppression.

We have the perfect coaching plans for you, whether that be our group sessions or one-to-one personalised plans, we’re here to support you in your parenting journey and give you the relief you need and deserve.

Group Sessions

Perfect for those who prefer to learn and take action with a group of like-minded mothers. Affordable coaching from the comfort of home.

1-to-1 sessions

Our one-to-one coaching sessions are personalised to your individual needs. This means that we get to spend time together homing in on what you need most.

6-week group coaching series for black and brown Muslim mums

It’s time to break the chain of oppression

Introducing the only conscious parenting coaching series for black and brown Muslim mums.

Break the chain of oppression, rediscover joy and love to create generational change in your families.

Get support, coaching, resources, a community, and access to a Muslim mum’s book club FREE when you join us. 

If you are TIRED of the lack of representation, and coaches refusing to talk about culture, anti-blackness, and the systematic context in the parenting space, then this is for you gurl!!! 

Call To Action

I know you feel like you’ve tried everything…

…and I know you’ve felt like conscious parenting doesn’t work for you. The spaces you’ve been in haven’t taken into account your culture, your traditions, your values and looking at things from the perspective of the DEEN.

The conscious parenting scene reeks of privilege, without taking into account the systematic/social and cultural context, conscious parenting for people of colour will always be a struggle. I know because I have struggled with it deeply!!

Call To Action

You have read the parenting books, but there is something missing, you understand it logically but you couldn’t implement what you read and learnt?

Unique Workshop

You have attended other workshops, but they didn’t take into account your culture, experiences, traditions & values & now wondering if this is for you? 

Unique Coaching

You have even tried to get support from coaches but they told you to cut off your family members or simply stop attending family gatherings & now you are left feeling conflicted, confused & overwhelmed.

Break The Cycle

I see you, cycle breaker! 
You are exhausted and fed up with always having to put your culture and whole self to one side in these spaces.

6-week coaching series

for black and brown Muslim mums

Introducing a 6-week coaching series for black and brown Muslim mums. This course will help you to overcome 5 specific block you face as a south Asian/African/Caribbean or Arab Muslim mum. Unlearn harmful parenting practices, cultural norms and traditions that are holding you back from consciously parenting and healing. 

What will you learn in this series?

  • The history of why intergenerational trauma and cultural trauma. Why do our communities’ parent the way we do?
  • Explore and overcome 5 specific blocks that hold you back from conscious parenting and healing. 
  • Unlearn and reflect on cultural values, norms and oppressive messages that you are internalised which are keeping you stuck. 
  • FREE Book Club – Weekly book club sessions, diving deep into a parenting/motherhood-themed book.
  • Benefit from a private community (away from the noise of social media) who understand your culture and share the same values as you. Community care!
  • Reconnect with yourself, the community, your child and beautiful parts of your culture. 
  • Start and continue your journey of unlearning and decolonizing your parenting and other areas of your life.
  • Learn how to BREAK specific generational cycles. 
  • Learn practical skills to consciously parent & begin repeating yourself. 

Start Date – 3rd July 2023


Six LIVE workshops!

weekly Q&A Sessions

Questions are answered on demand every week!


Accountability partners.

book club!

Free access to my exclusive weekly Muslim mums book club.


Tools to break generational cycles (PRICELESS).

early bird offer

Early bird fee of £499 ends 10th June It will be going up to £799.


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Why is this different you ask?

It is the only conscious parenting coaching space for black & brown Muslim mums that incorporates both the deen and your culture. It facilitated by myself Maryam, certified Muslim Parenting Coach. who holds an undergraduate degree in History specialising in South Asian and African History.


You will get access to a private Facebook group and all sessions are held on ZOOM.

It is for you, if you are a black or brown Muslim mum practice conscious parenting but still wanting to hold on to your culture and traditions. If you want to finally break those generational cycles. If you are looking for a community of like-minded mums and further support – it is for you. 

All workshops will be recorded to watch back at any time. 

£499 early bird fee  – beta launch. I will not ofer it at this fee again. Payment plan options are above. 

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