Playmags – How we use them in our homeschool!

I purchased these magnetic tiles from for the little ones for Eid over a year ago!

I had been deliberating about buying them for a while but they are definitely worth the investment. They are played with almost everyday and our home, what I particularly love is they can be used by children of all ages, both my young children play with them together 🙂 I’m always on the look out for educational toys both my little ones can use together.

They are educational, fun, open-ended, versatile can be played with independently and combined with other toys. The tiles have been thrown about and towers have been smashed down by my mini tornadoes and they have survived so they are very durable with no small pieces.

Once I purchased the 100 piece started set I slowly added the dome, train, and magnetic car set which can be bought additionally.

The opportunities are endless! They have been an absolute hit with both the kiddos and Mama too.
Purchase here – Currently on offer! (As of 20/09/2018)

Below I have listed some of the ways we have been using them in our homeschool.

  • Excellent resource to aid with learning basic shapes and colours
  • Creating numbers and letters from tiles
  • Exploring and creating 3D shapes and structures
  • Colour mixing
  • Creating patterns with basic geometric shapes
  • Understanding magnetic force, gravity and more
  • Developing fine motor skills
  • Exploring symmetry. Leaning against a mirror back and forth and noticing the change
  • Played on a light table
  • Played on a refrigerator or metal furniture

If you purchase these or already have magnetic tiles we would love to know how you are using them 🙂

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