8 week online programme supporting you in awakening and healing through Parenting. Holding your hand to raise yourself whilst you raise your child. 8 live workshops, recordings of workshops, private facebook support group, whatsapp group and a practical workbook with journaling and reflection.

Spaces are extremely limited as this is an intimate journey of healing. Open to all worldwide.

We begin 30th December. First LIVE workshop will take place first week of January!

 You have the power to transform, heal and break generational cycles. I will hold your hand and support you to raise yourself whilst raising your child because awakening and healing through Motherhood is possible for you too my love!

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I invite you to return back to your fitrah as a parent

I invite you to prioritise your own healing

I invite you to wholeness

I invite you to release and rise

I invite you to heal your lineage

I invite you to raise yourself whilst raising your child

  • Do you strive to be a peaceful and positive parent?
  • Do you find yourself doing what you said you would never do to your child?
  • Do you find yourself feeling constantly triggered by your child?
  • Do you want to be able to return to your true self?
  • Do you want to be able to heal from your own childhood wounds?
  • Do you want to break parenting patterns that were inflicted upon you?
  • You don’t want to give your child the same childhood experience you had?
  • Your inner child is calling out to you but you don’t know how to help yourself?
  • Perhaps you are aware of the inner work you need to do but don’t know where to begin?
  • You have ignored your childhood wounds and past for so long?

You’ve probably read all the parenting books, blogs and social media posts at this stage but still not sure how to apply this theory into reality? You have tried all the methods, strategies, self care, gratitude lists but you know it’s deeper than that and you want to embark upon the inner work and your Healing journey.. 

 I know you want to parent from a place of wholeness my love. I know your striving hard to heal and break generational cycles. I know you want to transform and unpack so you can heal and transform instead of handing down generational wounds.  I see you!

YOU CAN! You can awaken & heal through Parenting and I’ll hold your hand through it all..

If you’ve nodded along to the point up to this point – I understand! I’ve been that parent who was frustrated, ridden with guilt but I’m here to tell you there is a different way. I have been that parent projecting my pain and frustration onto my children but in the depths of my heart I knew I had inner work to do. I avoided it for so long but at what cost? I am to hold your hand and support you because there is another way. 

The problem is we live in an age where we are bombarded with information. We have access to all the amazing parenting books, social media posts, YouTube and so much more. We are drowning in information, but do you need more information or do you need to implement what you already know? We look for instant fixes, methods and strategies but what we really seek is this..

You seek transformation.. This will only happen through doing the inner work my love. 

You behave in ways that are against your Nature. In the depths of your heart you know this is not who you want to be or what you want your child to remember. Perhaps you know you need to do the Inner work but you are avoiding it and ignoring it, respectfully how it that working for you?

It wasn’t until I embarked upon this journey did things change for me. Your Healing process is organic and has it’s own timeline. You will leave the programme transformed with tips, practical tools to continue to emerge into your awakening. Transforming your pain into power and wholeness. 

This is a significant investment that will not only benefit you as a person but your children, their children and generations to come.

What legacy will you leave behind as a mother?
What will your children remember about you?
What will your children speak about upon remembering their childhood?

Everything has a cost.

What is it costing you to stay stuck where you are now?
Is it costing you your relationship with your children?
Your experience of motherhood?
Your health and sanity?

If you don’t change or do something different, nothing will change – this is something I had to learn the hard way and I don’t want that for you.

Now imagine, having a coach, a teacher, a consultant to help you along the way to achieve what you want to. Because Mama, we all want a happy home, we all want children who are thriving. It’s one of the most important responsibilities and blessings we have on our shoulder as parents. But the question is, how much time and effort have you put into learning how to raise and nurture yourself? Can you really continue your journey like this? Are you willing to continue in the overwhelm and pain you feel?

This programme is for you

If you believe it’s possible for to have joyful, thriving home and wholesome relationships with your child.

If you are willing to look at and question beliefs and stories you might be holding onto.

If you want to heal your childhood wounds and deeply understand your triggers

If you are determined to be the parent your child needs. 

If you are committed to transforming your pain into power and awakening.

If you are willing to show up for yourself and committed to doing the inner work.

If you want to break generational cycles and turn theory into reality. If you are ready to completely honest with yourself. 

Sign up below my love. I cannot wait for you to begin. With compassion and love I will hold your hand to heal and back to wholeness.

I have honoured the introductory price again and it will not be offered again at this cost. 

There are three payment options below available or full payment of £295

Sending love. Maryam. XX  


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