Screen free tips.

The benefits of going screen free are immense, we have been screen free for over three years. Alhamdullilah! It has been one of the best decisions we have made as a family, not only for ourselves but also for the children.
My personal opinion regarding screen time: it can be very beneficial but should be monitored and limited!

Occasionally I allow N to watch short clips from nature documentaries and educational videos, in relation to the theme we are covering, which she benefits immensely from alhamdulillah.

I have had many questions, asking how to keep young children busy and occupied without screens? Below, I have attempted to list some of the things that have helped me and a few of our favourite resources.

1) Books

Aside from the importance of reading, children love books particularly ones they grow attached too! I have always kept books on the lower shelves of our bookshelf in our living room whilst N was very young, and now have done the same for baby S! This allowed her to access to them them herself, when she wishes, which really helped her independently look through books, ask questions, and enjoy the pictures.

I have sourced my books from anywhere and everywhere, but in particular I like to use The Book People and The Works.

2) Puzzles

Melissa & Doug and Orchard toys have to be my go to for games, and puzzles in particular. Although they are pricier than most, the quality is brilliant.

3) Busy bags

I have created these using resources I found online, below I have linked several.
Popsicle Sticks: creating and matching patterns using this printable. Popsicle sticks can be purchased from Amazon and Poundland.
Pattern blocks and space mats also printable.

4) Lego, Duplo blocks,Stickle bricks, and Magna-tiles

Providing fantastic opportunities to build and construct using their imagination and creativity.

5) Colouring and sticker books

I purchased many of these books for N to independently get on with when she wanted too and allowing myself to get on with housework, and looking after Baby S.

6) Playdough

It goes without saying the immense benefits of playdough for fine motor skills, and creativity! 🙂

7) Loose part play

This is the best kind of play, in my opinion. Loose parts can range from different shaped wood, stones, buttons, shells, and seedpods to name a few. There are no specific instructions or ways to use these materials, which allows children to use their imagination, creativity and further develop their skills.

8) Outdoors

Young children have energy, and lots of it! We visit the park almost everyday, which provides lots of opportunity for play, exploring and discovering new things. Which usually means an earlier bedtime. Win win!

9) Boredom

Allowing your children to get bored, you will be amazed at their creativity and imagination. N has managed to make numbers, letters and shapes using crayons, string, or anything else she found laying around. It does go without saying, jumping off sofas and wrecking things were also involved.


  1. Umm Banat

    Wonderful tips

  2. Jazz

    I really benefited from this post thank you so much wa jazakallahu khairan may allaah bless you and your family’s ameeen

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