The Animal Box!

If your mini humans are anything like mine and love reading and looking through reference books these are a must have for your bookshelf! 🙂
We were gifted this set which was from TKMaxx and can also be purchased from The Book People.

This collection is a set of 10 books discovering every animal you can think of and covering topics such as plants and fungi. It is a visual encyclopedia of the world!


There are 10 books below I have listed the animals and topics they cover.
  • Mammals: Bats to cats
  • Mammals: Pigs to Whales
  • Insects: Beetles to butterflies
  • Invertebrates: Starfish to spiders
  • Birds: Parrots to eagles
  • Fish: Eels to sharks
  • Birds: Penguins to flamingos
  • Mammals: Monkeys to elephants
  • Amphibians & Reptiles: Frogs to snakes
  • Fungi & Plants: toadstools to trees

The illustrations and photographs in the book are stunning every page contains beautiful pictures with clear labels showing what each one is and their traits. There are double page photographs that highlight the species in their natural habitats.


Along the bottom of each page there is a brief description of each item or animal allowing you to explore where they come from and can be found. I have learnt so much from just looking at the pictures in this book.


What I particularly love about this book is it is great for independent learning. N has spent up to two hours looking through these books pointing to pictures, asking questions, reading through them and having a go at drawing pictures from the book!
It has sparked off lots of lovely conversations and further child-led learning. Baby S also likes to get involved looking at the pictures (much to her sisters dismay.) We haven’t quite got the hang of ‘sharing’ yet!

We have been using it alongside our ‘Nature curriculum’ and independent learning! I have found myself quietly looking through the books once the children go to bed and shouting out ‘did you know’ facts to my husband.
Perks of homeschooling learning along with your children alhamdulillah 🙂
Another feature of the books I really like are the ‘scale boxes’ they provide on each page showing the sizes of the living creatures compared to us human beings. The index page at the back of each book is super useful particularly when looking for a specific animal or plant.


Absolute bargain in my opinion and just perfect for young nature lovers!

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