“How to move from Control to Connection”

When: 17th December 2020

Where: ZOOM. Open to all worldwide.

Duration: 60-90mins with a chance to pick my brain with a Q&A session at the end.

If you’re unable to attend live, recordings will be sent out to you. Spaces will be limited and sign ups will close once full. I do not intend to deliver this workshop LIVE again. Don’t miss out loves! 


Do you want to parent from a place of love rather than fear and power?

Do you want your child to listen and cooperate with you because they love you, not because they fear you?

Are you tired of constantly having to resort to bribes, threats and shouting?

Do you want to parent for the long term?

Do you want to ensure your children don’t grow up with the baggage you have?

Do you want to break parenting patterns that were inflicted upon you?

Is this workshop for you? It is if you nodded along and resonated with any of the above.

Are you curious about what this workshop covers? Read below for some of the topics.

  • How to move from control to connection.
  • What is the price of controlling a child
  • How to raise a thriving child
  • What is fear based behaviour and how to recognise it.
  • Engaging cooperation
  • How to create conditions in which your children will want to listen to you.
  • Alternatives to punishment and consequences.
  • Helping children deal with their feelings
  • 2 primary needs of children and how to meet them
  • Self expression and emotional safety.


Are you ready to take theory to reality and break parenting patterns? This workshop will support you in challenging the beliefs, stories and patterns you may be holding onto. It’s an investment not only for yourself and your children, but for generations to come. 

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