Are you a South Asian, African, Caribbean, Arab mother?

I’ve got a message for you if you are healing from growing up in a black & brown household

Do you struggle to break generational cycles and patterns of oppression?

black mum feeling down

Are you committed to normalising love, trust, Rahma, & God consciousness in your home?

You see the thing is, breaking the cycle for black and brown Muslim mums is specific to cultural conditioning. It’s not something you’ll read in the parenting books or mainstream conscious parenting social media content.

So are you a South Asian, African, or Caribbean Muslim mother COMMITTED to change and normalising love inside your household?

Have you been looking for a program that takes into account your culture, heritage, and most importantly your love for Allah?

Do these points reflect YOU?

  • You want to stop hitting, shouting, threatening, controlling, criticising you child.
  • You’re fed up of constantly feeling triggered and frustrated by your child’s behaviour.
  • You promised yourself you wouldn’t repeat what you have experienced, so why are you doing it?
  • You know you’ve got inner work you need to do but don’t know where to start & you are fed up with hearing about healing work but are unsure.
  • You are self-aware, have read the books, consumed the content but still can’t seem to move forward.
  • You want to THRIVE in motherhood not just survive it.
  • You aren’t enjoying motherhood right now and feel fed up, shameful and guilty for feeling like this.
  • You’ve felt like you’ve tried everything, you’ve worked with coaches before and taking the parenting courses but you are still struggling.
  • You don’t want to give your child the typical stereotype of growing up in a black and brown household.
  • You want to feel confident and empowered in with your own unique parenting style

“Are you ready to break the cycle of growing up in a black and brown household?
Are you ready to
raise yourself?


I’ve absolutely been there in fact at one point I hated motherhood…..

…until I had to make a choice to continue to destroy myself and my girls OR choose another way. ?What are you consciously choosing? 
I understand all the cultural pressures, expectations, and experiences of growing up in brown and black communities.  

“You & I are the change that our
future needs. ”

Maryam Javaid

I Know You Are Ready, I Have Something For You.

If you are ready to take action and be the change that your home needs then I have an amazing program planned for you and others just like you!

There’s only one catch, it’s program is only right for you if you…

Do You Believe In Yourself?

If you believe it’s possible for you to have a joyful, thriving home and wholesome relationships with your child.

Culture & Heritage

If you want to hold on to the beautiful parts of your culture and heritage.

Can You Let Go?

If you are willing to let go of oppression, violence and the stereotype of an ethnic household.

Look within

If you are willing to look at and question beliefs and stories you might be holding onto.

Understanding You

If you want to understand how your upbringing affects you, let go of your childhood experiences and deeply understand your triggers.

Present Parent

If you are determined to be the parent that your child needs.

God Consciousness

If you are committed to practising God consciousness in your parenting 

Ready to feel empowered

If you are ready to feel empowered and confident with your unique parenting style

Stop people pleasing

If you are ready to let go of “What will people say?”

Use the pain

If you are committed to transforming your pain into power and awakening.

Inner Work

If you are willing to show up for yourself and committed to doing the inner work.

Break the cycle

If you want to break generational cycles and turn theory into reality. If you are ready to be part of healing generations and normalise love in your black or brown household.

“So valuable, the discussion topics were facilitated with dedication and care.”

Umm Jannah

“A support system. It’s helped me to remove guilt, and spend more time with my kids.”


What Will I Learn?

  • Understanding your triggers & reactivity 
  • Unpack and help you to remove 5 BLOCKS that are holding you back as a black & brown Muslim mother. 
  • Unlearning cultural 
    expectations, pressures & conditioning that are impacting you as a person and mother.
  • Learn tools and skills to hold space for your Inner child.
  • Unlearn oppressive parenting practices: shouting, hitting, threatening, bribing & emotional blackmail & understand how that has impacted you as a child & in your parenting.
  • Your emotional blueprint and your CORE fears
  • Learn tools and skills to reparent yourself. 
  • Learn tools and skills to connect with your future self to show up as the best version of yourself.
  • Unpack intergenerational trauma & cultural trauma, it’s historical significance & why our communities’ parent with oppression. 

Our Pricing Policy

We’ve made three plans for you so that we can cater to most mothers. Whether you would like to pay off the full amount in one go or break down payments into two or three payments, we’re happy to help you manage finances so that you can grow as a mother.

full payment

The easiest and hassle-free option, pay the program fee in one installment.

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With this option, you can focus solely on learning, growing, and excelling.

Installment plans


Break down the fee so that you can pay
with two or three payments.

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